How on earth do i edit my "editable" files?

Now that you've downloaded your file to your computer, you're probably wondering how on earth do I edit this?

You need to open the file in Adobe Reader ( a free program already installed on most computers - or the program can be downloaded at

Click on the blue box to begin typing. To change the size, color or font press "ctrl" "E" and the form field text properties window will pop up.

If you are on a Mac you can open the window by:
Clicking View on the menu bar
> Show/Hide
>> Tool Bar Items
>>> Show Properties Bar

You can adjust the location of the text in the box by clicking on the "more..." box and "paragraph" tab. To center the text use the text middle button (second photo).



*** Please remember not all files can be edited - only the files marked as "editable" can be edited.