Trending for 2018

Trends are a funny thing. Someone comes up with an idea or theme, and next thing you know everyone is doing it. You can never really know what will stay, what will go, or what new ideas will come about, but here's what we think will be trending in 2018.


Geometrics { Hexagons to be precise } - Everything from invitations to party décor. Just check out these hexagon paper plates from ItsPartyParty, I mean who wouldn't want to eat off of such cute plates?!?!


Statement Balloons - While I know this was already a trend last year, I think it will continue to go strong this year - especially with new options over the classic gold! Look at how these green balloon we're easily turned into cactus letters here!


Ultraviolet - With it being named Pantone color of the year, it's sure to be everywhere - especially weddings! Need a few ideas on how to incorporate it into your next event check out Arizona Weddings post! 


Greenery - Instead of floral backdrops I think we're going to be seeing more solid greenery background. Want to make one yourself? Check out this DIY tutorial from The Merrythought here


Silver- Metallic has and always will be around in one form or another. I think with so much use of golds lately we'll see a switch to silver. Check out this gorgeous silver center piece from Catch My Party here

Favorite Valentine's Fonts for Kids

I know, I know, I was just practically mocking all the cute, childish valentine's fonts on my previous post. I don't hate fun Valentine fonts, I just think they aren't always appropriate ~ like if I'm making a Valentine for my husband ;) 

Anyways ... here some of my favorite KID fonts for Valentine's Day...

valentine fonts for kids


To download the fonts for yourself click on the names below!

Jules Love   Hole Hearted  Words of Love  Cutie Pop  Vanessa’ s Valentine 

Cookie Monster  We are in Love  Cute Love   Sweetie Pie  Fool for Love

Favorite Romantic Fonts - For Grown up Valentine's

When looking for Valentine's Day fonts I notice most tend to be geared toward cute, childish designs {not that there is anything wrong with that}but... what about fonts for grown up valentines?

I just don't think a love note to your spouse or significant other would have the same effect if it has hearts and curls swirling throughout the text - so I've decided to compile a list of more romantic valentine's fonts.

{{ Oh, if you'd rather have the hearts and curls, you're in luck,  you can find some of those fonts in my blog post here ;) }}

romantic valentine fonts

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