P. T. Barnum inspired Freebie

P. T. Barnum - talk about a serious entrepreneur who wasn't afraid to take a risk! I'm not sure how much The Greatest Showman is actually based upon his "real" life, but it definitely inspires me to risk a little more and dare to be different!

Click on the image below to download this free printable.

how to make your PDF Invitation into a JPEG with Snipping Tool

A lot of you have been asking if you can turn your editable PDF into a JPEG file or a single image so you can print as a photo instead. I've come up with a simple way using the Snipping Tool in Windows 10. I've also included images to hopefully make it even easier! 


First edit your invitation in Adobe Reader per instructions. 


Keep the file open in Adobe Reader and open the Snipping Tool.



(You can easily find this program by pressing "s" once you open the windows menu)

Now select the text box in adobe reader on the invitation you will be converting to a JPEG image (this will remove the blue box). use the spacebar to move the cursor over as close to the edge as possible to keep it out of your image.


(You can also try to time your snip with the blinking of the cursor so it doesn't show up, but I found this method to be a little trickier. )


In the Snipping Tool select NEW. Drag the cursor over the invitation to "outline" it. This will copy the image. (It may take a few tries to get it just right). 

The image should pop up in the Snipping Tool window.


From there you simply save as a JPEG image. 


That's it! you now have a single image jpeg!